Battlefield Hardline: How To Earn Money FAST! (Battlefield Hardline Cash Guide)

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I hope you enjoyed the video! In Battlefield Hardline, money is everything. With it you purchase new weapons, attachments, camos, upgrades, gadgets, and much more. Therefore, you’ll need a…

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NerosCinema says:

Welcome to the under 301+ club. How tough are ya?

2Handz1Controller says:

Nero Please Respond To This 

Sam Adams says:

Loving this game!! Haven’t liked a game so much since mw2

Deus Ex Machina says:

It seems like it’s trying to welcome in the larger CoD community into a
game that won’t completely go against the rushdown CQC of CoD, but will
still nudge them into a more tactical environment, perhaps trying to
strengthen the BF community before BF5, or maybe even a BC3 release.
Certainly not a bad idea, and I think those who disagree with some of the
more childish changes to the recent BF title (even though it is a good
game) should wait and see where the series goes.

This is pure assumption, though.

Not Zraymond030 says:

What is the best gamemode for getting kills?

Black Lagoon says:

Having a hard time deciding between gta or hardline. I only have about $75
bucks not to mention i need to buy a month gold, suggestions anyone?

Synfaxed says:

As an avid call of duty player would you think buying hardline will be
worth it? Now I do own battlefield 4 and it’s a pretty fun game, it’s just
I prefer Cod over battlefield. 

Noble Shock says:

I don’t even play the game, but I’m watching the video because Nero is
awesome! :D

Niko woodyear says:

“I’ve been A1 since day one you niggas booboo”

James Fitz says:

How much you want to bet he is going to sell money in game for real money?

Raider Nemo says:

I thought you could only get attachments using vouchers :

Taylor Smith says:

Blood Money=XP
Rescue=SnD Fans
Conquest Small/Large=Classic Battlefield Gamemode/not as good at making
money or xp.

ExplodingChickenPie says:

Haven’t watched the video yet but I can guarantee its got something to do
with driving in Hotwired 

KevinSG says:

Nero, make a vid about the hidden couch in Hotwire on Dust Bowl named The
American Dream.

Kon 910 says:

I found that even being in the car gives a substantial amount of money …
The longer you hold the car down, the more money you get.

Ash Cash says:

Just got the game wondering if you get your rank and weapons from beta

xiTzTHATGaMeRx says:

he only got that much cause he had the 200% boost on really you only get
around 13k+ per hotwire match

Maurits Geerligs says:

Very usefull, thanks nero

Michael J says:

Haven’t watched yet but let me guess. Is it hotwired?

Rashed1255 says:

Hmm thx for the good tip, I give it a go as soon as I start playing
hardline =D


Are the battlefield servers good? I know EA have a bit of a reputation when
it comes to servers…

Taco Burns says:

I made it! I feel so accomplished 

ShadowWithChaos says:

I remember seeing AngryJoeShow’s video and the dude basically drives around
in circles for hours and he was ranked in the top 20 in Cash per minute
just by doing that lol.

RidentGaming says:

Figured this out in the Beta :)

ImPact Maverick l Commentator says:

Nero! What system do you play on? I really want to know if I should get
this game for PC or Xbox One. 😀 Thanks

Jmdr 2002 says:

+ZDP444 Watch this it will help you reach 1 million dollars quickly!

Aidan Guyor says:

You seem to be really enjoying this game…will you be posting more
gameplays of it in the future? If you do that’s awesome

TheFriendlyMachine says:

Under 30 Squad;) 

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