7 Ways To Make Money on the Internet!

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The Lions Ground Entertainment Group says:

Hey +Shelby Church , your teeth are shining. However, your video is fun to

annalaurakummer says:

The music is a bit to loud, but other than that I really liked the video :)

asmasanbati says:

your pro

GuineaPigSecretsUK says:

I’ve used feature points for amazon cards it’s really good. I proof read
from home, but you have to have a degree, it’s well paid

La Si says:

Does anyone know if I could make a blog for like music? I sing and play
guitar so I could post videos, pics of my gigs, and maybe reviews on songs
and stuff? Is that a good idea?

Nicolas Fernandez says:

I know it’s not an Internet thing, but I’m almost 15 and I have been
playing guitar for 10 years, should I be a guitar teacher? And could I get
paid for it? Or is
there a law?

AwesomexAnthony says:


CakedUpSociety says:

Did u just say that feature points couldn’t be found in the app store so
people would click on your referral link.? Cuz I found it in the app store

LittleBeccky21 says:

Does anyone know if these would work for Australians too like the app? Im
from Australia 

Emma Claire says:

Can anyone tell me a good place to start my blog on? I have a lot of pets
and want to do animal stuff, i dont want to do it for money but i want to
pick a good place.
blogspot? i have a good camera too

Tynia Williams says:

How do you know that a network is legit? I’ve gotten asked to be partnered
by a few networks and I just don’t trust it.

Jacqueliiinne says:

Loved this video, it was so informative but you’re so fun to watch! &your
makeup is so simple but cute! What kind of eyeliner is that?

Breanne Andrews says:

You have ugly lips and eyebrows

Lisa Rahman says:

You make the youtube partnership program sound like it’s super easy to be a
part of, but it’s harder than it looks and getting sponsorships is
difficult when you aren’t a well known youtuber. I’ve been working on my
channel (took a small break for technical issues but I just got a new
camera so I will be making videos again.) and it’s hard to get 100 views on
a video when you are brand new. Don’t sugar coat it like it’s something
that you will start making money off of immediately. But I agree with you,
it shouldn’t be a “job” because no one wants to see someone who clearly
doesn’t like doing it. Plus if you don’t like it, you won’t keep up with it
and then you won’t make money off it.

Kate Schurink says:

how do you get actual music with lyrics that arent copyrighted to use in

Jennyxoxo says:

This really wasn’t that helpful bc everything was for older people I’m only
15 so I can’t really do anything. 

Grace Philpott says:

My refferal code on feature points is H7CXHN please help me 

daphne says:

Use my referral code on Feature Points to get bonus points!! 4YBYAR

stillacutie123 says:

Makeup on point

HeyitsHanna says:

I think you should have a lot more subscribers because a lot of youtubers
only do it for money but I can tell you actually do it because you love

Shannon Chandra says:

I’ve tried these things and I’ve never got money ever since.

Haijia;) says:

aw your lips are so thin

Isabel Ibanez says:

How much money do people make on youtube?

Amy-Lee Stone says:

you were obviously sponsored to promote that opinion website because it’s a
scam and you don’t win real money.

TheAShow says:

Ashley EtCetera says:

I’ve never seen a reward on Amazon Turk for $20, they usually pay you a
couple cents

Leah Lauzon says:

Lol at first i thought she was going to talk about how to print money
online XD 

Sabrina Isabella says:

this was a really different video and very helpful! thank you!!

Claire caple says:

You are sooo gorgeous! And this is helpful!

Ava Couto says:


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