4 Ways to make Money This Summer! On the Internet

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Make Money Fast! How to make money as a Teen On the Internet Make money on the Internet! Spring Break! 5 ways to make money on the internet ☼SIGN UP FOR GRAPEVINE☼http://bit.ly/1BUCIBu…

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Awesomeness says:

Thumps this up before even watching

Tanamontana100 says:

Make money for Spring Break!!!

videostargeek says:

I mean isn’t your channel youtube goals

beautybyjess says:

these are such good ideas, Im really gonna need money for spring shopping

Anna Fez says:

i thought her background said “open your email”

Gali Escobedo says:

I’ve been looking for a video like this but haven’t found a good one. lol.
thank you so much!! ily 

ayeitsjazzee says:

This is such a great video, thanks for the ideas! <3

nudelippie says:

Somehow this video’s background music sounded to me like the doorbell sound
I have in my home. I went to the door 4 times before I got the point lol.

Great video also! xx

Asmaa Merchant says:

There goes another amazing video….. U look gorgeous and u have really
amazing ideas to make money

HeartOn- Heart says:

32nd like YASSSSS best ive ever gotten!!!!!!!!!! so happy rn!!!!

Saidi Rey says:

You’re awesome! Much love!

Kelani Rae says:

Can you please please reply, I’m trying to buy the plugins for tcp, but idk
which one to buy, so can you just let me know which one you use?!

luckywishes17 says:

instead of writing spring break on the jar u can write what ur saving up for
love u

FreakItOuut says:

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TANA!! Like without you I’d literally be lost you have
the best Ideas and you are so creative thank you very very much! ♥♥

Marianthi Theodoridou says:

Totally love you

≫ aWildflowerLife ≪ says:

Love this!! Spring Break here I come! lol <3

Emily Dao says:

platos closet is the bomb!!! 

BayleeIsQueen ! says:

loved this video

Angelo Silva says:

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TheRacquellShow says:

My spring break is next week! does plato’s closet pay out well? I’d always
use to go to once upon a child to get rid of my old stuff but even on brand
names and unworn things I pretty much got $2 a piece.

Also do you think you could leave a link of your computer background i love

CCbeauty says:

You deserve more subscribers xxxx

Maja Drenovec says:

I love you girl!♡♡♡

BWithEmMarie says:

your editing is amazing! and this is such a creative video idea! love you
tana and I hope someday my channel can be as successful as yours

Fetchinq Flo says:

OMG tana always has the best video Ideas! Am I the only one who thinks

Madeline Molennor says:

Love the video Tana! The intro was so hilarious 

Juliet Prince says:

I just want to let u know I love your videos so much

Alex Thompson says:

Do you have to pay for grapevine?

dialla Ambrogi says:

During spring break me and my friend sell bracelets around the
neighborhood and we do lemonade stands at the pool and by the end of spring
break we have about $200 

Jordan Pj ♡ says:

Thank you for always putting effort into your videos, they always turn out

Paetyn Cope says:

Opinion outpost is a website where it helps people make money by just doing
surveys the website is completely free for anyone to join so easy and so

Joviannexo says:

I do wanna warn about Platos Closet! At least in my area (Delaware), the
amount that they take is completely up to whoever’s going through your
clothes at the time. My sister brought in 2 bags and her designated worker
thought the pieces weren’t cute at all, while another thought the items
were stylish. But, she had no say as those bags weren’t hers to go through.
It totally depends on their personal taste and style out here. And for the
most part we don’t get that much cash back either, at least not as much as

maryxmakeup says:

Loving the editing and how this was done! Your videos are so well done

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