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The RageMaker says:

Well, now we are all richer because of you. I’m going to buy a car and a
fridge to put it in the car and lots of beer to fill the fridge. thanks

dajuan wilson says:

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byAmplify says:

me I watched) As we left, there was a feeling of goodwill and fellowship
between all(my sister locked me out of the car and wouldn’t let me in
untill I started yelling profanity in her general direction) The high point
of the entire night was when my mother gave me $21 for my report card. She
promptly borrowed $1 to help with the waitresses tip(This part I’m not
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the lowest point in “family outing”history, except for that time my mom
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at the bar. We had to tell him that he would probley have to wait untill he
was 21.(Absolutly nothing about that statement was sarcastic) As you can
see, I love my families outings(Not unless you’re blind…or stupid)
&#!#%&&!!!(*%$ WHAT THE %$#@ WAS MY MOTHER $#$#%$# THINKING!!!!!!!????
BRINGING $#$$# KIDS IN A BAR!? I know it was her idea, ’cause my dad hates
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And not so pissed at my weird family. Now is the time to mourn the loss of
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WhyYouWouldnt says:

Im really excited to start making money! Ive been looking for a while to
find a way THANKS!!

Lopanancio says:

What an interesting video, I think anyone would like to earn money hahah

Miloske Randevoo says:

Hehehehehe…..so good video clip bro 🙂 Well done 🙂 🙂 🙂 Very
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17drcrazy says:

i’m starting to do this now hope it works fingers crossed

SamsLife says:

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DeadScatterz says:

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theBetterChoice says:

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